Our team has more than 70 years of experience and a deep knowledge of retail, petrol, electronic payment and banking sectors. QuestforPeople is a fast-growing organization that has been active since 2009 in the domain of Field Services in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has built up a strong reputation in terms of flexibility and quality. We are proud to announce that recently we opened our branch in Germany. QuestforPeople has been present on the German market for a long time, but due to the rapid increase in numbers of projects in Germany and the demand from customers to ceate a central point of contact per country, QuestforPeople GmbH is now a fact.

Of course our focus can not only be on placing suitable candidates and that is why QuestforPeople has developed a method that contains the folowing elements:


QuestforPeople understands that plans can be changed and that unforeseen circumstances arise that can affect the need for suitable candidates. Because of that we have developed various contractual frameworks where you can choose for the right approuch.

  • Hourly rate contracts
  • Day, week or monthley contracts
  • Standard price for performance based contacts (no cure, no pay)


Successful and rapid deployment of complex technological solutions requires strict planning follow-ups. In addition to our team of engineers, QuestforPeople also supplies project managers who can coordinate and support your projects. The capacities of these professionals vary from junior to seasoned program managers who can lead international IT transformation programs.


Onze digitale processen omvatten niet alleen het contracteren en factureren maar ook de goedkeuring van de urenregistratie (timesheets) en opvolgen van incidentele rapporten. Het opvolgen van de urenregistratie en gerelateerde processen kan erg tijdrovend zijn. Door onze oplossing worden de processen versneld en wordt de administratie vereenvoudigd.

Our digital processes not only includes contracting and invoicing, but also approval of time registration (timesheets) and follow-up of incidental reports. Following up the time registration and related processes can be very time-consuming. Our solution speeds up processes and simplefies administration.


When we enter into a partynership, we define the service levels to which we are committed. These service levels are then reported to you and we work together to optimize them. We can work with this solution to meet your business need.

ervice levels are then reported to you and we work together to optimize them. We can work with this solution to meet your business need.