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Your organization provides a tangible product; as an ICT network, a cash register or an ATM. However, your customer buys not only the tangible product but rather a complete system, including installation, maintenance, software updates and repairs. Due to this market application your organization access to its own service and repair. And offers great benefits. Your technicians know the technical side of the product and can be used in all situations. Your customers are satisfied with the overall concept.


The exploitation of such personal service and repair also has a downside, the labor market is tight for service technicians. The service technicians make relatively little direct hours due to the high mileage. The rising cost of labor and transportation. Our roads are overcrowded so the risk continues to increase in delay of the service technician. All these things drive the cost up unintentionally. While sales of service and repair your customers often committed for longer periods in contracts. In practice, there are also examples of situations where the service organization does not suit the market demand. Think of situations where the work schedule badly by the agreements with your customers or by means of logistics. On balance, are your employees in many such projects on the couch or traveling unnecessary mileage. And that makes things precious.

What these organizations have in common is that each service or repair request is given a place in the planning. There is usually too little or too much capacity. What they also have in common is that the service taking up management, human resources, transport and housing. ln the meantime, do you know how much work it is to organize the service and repair in-house.

A solution that fits your customers. More and more companies look for other, innovative solutions for the delivery, service and repair of its products. The goal is streamlining the organization focused on the level of service that the customer wants and at rates that will pay the customer for it.

For your customers, it is essential that repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. The ability to provide service and repair also influences the commercial effectiveness of your organization. Your sales territory is limited to the scope of the service.


Frequently we were faced with the demand of our customers for a more flexible implementation of service management linked to a high quality that evolves with technological developments. Obviously, at a competitive price. QuestforPeople ™ has offered a working solution to the relations. ln the form of a geographic service and repair team. Known as QuestforPeople ™ LTS. ITS is a team of excellent, motivated and qualified engineers supported by project managers with extensive experience in service management.

In recent years QuestforPeople invested in expanding the ITS network because of the increasing number of cross-border projects. The Quest ITS network, we can offer our services in most European countries as far as possible using local people. This makes it easy for our customers and transparent: You speak with us, we ensure that the project or intervention quality is conducted anywhere in Europe.


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